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Symposium Topics

Current Position and Future of the Faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Blockchain and Central Banks, Its Effect on Monetary Policies

Economic Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Globalization, Poverty and Income Distribution Inequality

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Governance, Economy and Finance

Global Migration, Refugee Crisis and Economic Impacts

Renewable Energies, Growth and the Climate Crisis

New Trading Strategies for the World Economy

Economic Effects of Global Warming

Islamic Economics and Finance

Turkish Economy

International Political Economy

Inflation, Price Stability and Monetary Policy

Public Expenditures, Taxes and Fiscal Policy

Unemployment and Employment Policies

Domestic and Foreign Trade

International Trade in the Context of Sustainable Development Goals

International Trade and Logistics

International Trade and IV. Industrial Revolution

Supply Chain Management and International Logistics

Manufacturing and Industry

Agricultural Economics

Technology and Development



International Economics

Economic Development

Environmental Economics

Energy Economics

Financial Economics

Working Economy

Health Economics

Economic History

Applied Econometrics

Sports Economics

Welfare Economics

Consumer Behaviors and Consumption Theory

Producer Behaviors and Production - Cost Theory

Market, Perfect Competition and Imperfect Competition Markets

International Economy and Crisis

International Economy, Deindustrialization and Unemployment

Current Approaches in Economic Development

Regional Economics

Behavioral Economics

Experimental Economics

Natural Resources Economics

Economics of Education

Law and Economics

Economic Design

Economic Theory

Urban Economics

Institutional Economics

Game Theory

Political Economy

Industrial Economics

Criminal Economy

Agricultural Economics

Technology and Economy

Economics of Innovation

International Accounting Standards and Comparison with Practices in Turkey

New Generation Consumers and Lifestyles

New Technologies in Marketing: Augmented and Virtual Reality, Big Data, etc.

Consumer Behavior and Consumption Theory

Remote Working & Virtual Teams: Advantages/Disadvantages & Challenges

Strategic Management

New Management Strategies

Critical Management Studies

Financial Management

Human Resources Management

Work ethic

Business History

Accounting and Finance

Current Issues in Organizational Behavior

Financial Technologies (Fin-Tech): A New Era in Financial Services

The Future of Public Administration

Reform in Public Administration

City Management

Environmental Management

Waste Management

Migration Management and Social Inclusion Policies

Disaster Management

Crisis Management

Epidemic Management

Global Governance in International Relations

Public Policies

Area Studies

Democratization and Human Rights

Foreign Policy Studies

Migration Studies


Politics and Democratization

Comparative Political Institutions

Civil Society Studies

Political Behavior and Elections

Political Changes

Political Philosophy and Political Thoughts

Social Justice


Social Movements and Political Changes

Politics of Türkiye

Poverty and Social Exclusion

Political Structure in Türkiye

Political Identity and Representation

Digital Politics

New Social Movements

Regional, National, International Political Crises

Women and Politics