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Turkestan became a provincial center in 2018 and started to change in a modern way, while still keeping its old history. In the city center, the main attractions are the Tomb of Hodja Ahmed Yesevi, Tomb of Rabia Sultan Begim, Underground Mosque, Tomb of Gauhar Mother and Caravanserai Turkestan. Aristan Bab Tomb and Otrar Castle are outside the city, 70 km away. The old city of Sauran is 20 km away. These places have a lot of history for visitors to explore.

Hoca Ahmed Yesevi Türbesi
Rabia Sultan Begim Türbesi
Yer Altı Camii
Kervansaray Türkistan
Aristan Bab Türbesi
Otrar Kalesi
Sauran kenti